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Rajkumar Nanjan

Rajkumar Nanjan is one of the directors with BR Academy Private Limited, having 17 years of experience and sound knowledge in Banking sector, Insurance, Information Technology and Enabled Services.

A Motivated achiever with highly visible senior-management accountabilities eager to bring to your Credit Union the ability to significantly increase growth, profitability, efficiencies, and member-owner value.

  • Performing mission, policy and planning a) helped the board determine BRACADEMY’s values, mission, vision, and short- and long-term goals.
  • Helping the board monitor and evaluate BRACADEMY’s relevancy to the community, effectiveness, and results.
  • Keeping the board fully informed on the condition of BRACADEMY and on all the important factors influencing it.
  • Identifying problems and opportunities and addresses them; bring those which are appropriate to the board and/or its committees; and, facilitates discussion and deliberation.
  • Informing the board and its committees about trends, issues, problems, and activities in order to facilitate policy-making.
  • Keeping informed of developments in human services, not-for-profit management and governance, philanthropy and fund development.
  • Management and administration, provided general oversight of all BRACADEMY activities, manage the day-to-day operations, and assure a smoothly functioning, efficient organization.
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