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Kumar P

Graduated with a degree in science from Bharathiyar University. Graduated from Bangalore University with a diploma in cybercrime and cyber security. solid foundation in thinking and trading of cryptocurrencies since 2016. Legal status of cryptocurrency in India and other nations.

He made it his particular goal to assist others in comprehending and trading the financial markets using straightforward tactics that provide consistent returns. He offers the crew a wealth of technical analysis knowledge. His analytical abilities and intuition in the creation of our training materials aid in the development of a trading strategy that puts a strong emphasis on risk and money management for our members.

Through his webinars, videos, and online courses, he motivates millions of individuals from a variety of professions and teaches them how to become successful traders.

Area of expertise

  • Block chain technology, Crypto currency
  • New project research with massive potential tokens
  • NFT and Metaverse Digger
  • Additional knowledge in Ethereum, Polakadot, DEFI and NFT.
  • Crypto mining
  • Dapps
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